Round the Island 2016 – 6th from 42 in Division 2B

This was seriously breezy, with a VHF soundtrack of Mayday calls following dismastings, MOBs and a sinking.  We had a mixed crew including a couple of less experienced sailors so in common with most of the other competitors we resisted the temptation to hoist a spinnaker on the south side of Island.  The leading J105s were bolder, accounting for Jelly Baby finishing 30 minutes ahead of us.  But, with three closely-spaced way points in the GPS , we were one of the few boats to risk the passage inside the Varvassi wreck at the Needles which helped us secure sixth from 42 starters in IRC Division 2B.

Tacking for the Varvassi – Needles channel:



and rounding St Catherines:

Beken 169702-1300153KJB

Beken proof 169702-1300153KJB

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